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Arthur W. Griffith Memorial Services in the Portland, Oregon Area

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    Arthur W. Griffith, a true Deaf Adventist Pioneer, passed away on January 16. The doctors did their best to fight double pneumonia and sepsis, but lost the fight.

    Two memorial services were held. One was held near where he lived the last couple of years on January 21 at the English Oaks SDA Church in Lodi.

    The second service was on January 31 at 11am at the Vancouver SDA Church in Vancouver, WA. Arthur Griffith was laid to rest at the Mountain View cemetary in Amboy, WA. Many friends and family gathered for this special weekend. Some photos from the weekend can be seen below:

    Sabbath School Class on January 30 at the Beaverton, Oregon SDA Church.
    Many visitors attended due to Arthur Griffith's memorial service the following day.

    Elder George Belser and Pastor David Trexler stand with Elder Thompson Kay (middle)
    on Sabbath morning. Elder Belser and Pastor Trexler interupted just as Elder Kay was
    beginning to preach the sermon. Elder Kay is here telling his experiences in Deaf ministry.

    Pastor Trexler tells Elder Kay that Deaf members and Adventist Deaf Ministries
    greatly appreciates the years of service he has given to Deaf ministry.

    Here, Elder Belser is reading from the special plaque given to Elder Kay.

    Elder Kay has a special service for the dedication of ministry leaders. Pictured Left to Right:
    Elder Larry Evans from the General Conference, Pastor Jeff Jordan, Elder George Belser, Pastor
    David Trexler, Pastor Alfred Griffith, Alberta and Pastor John Blake, and Chuck McGehee.
    These are the leaders that are now carrying the torch that Elder Arthur W. Griffith passed on.

    The large crowd that attended worship services on January 30, 2010 at the Beaverton, OR SDA Church.

    Elder Arthur W. Griffith's widow, Alyce, getting seated as her husband's memorial service is
    about to begin. The memorial services were held at the Vancouver, WA SDA church.

    Arthur's son, Alfred Griffith shared a few words of hope.

    Susan Giansanti from Oro Valley, Arizona signs a song during the memorial service. She
    became an Adventist through the efforts of Elder Arthur Griffith.

    Pastor Paul Kelly shares hope of the resurrection at Elder Arthur Griffith's burial.
    He and his wife Tina are Adventists, partially due to Arthur's efforts.

    Sandra Alejo and Franscisca Trexler sign a song about Jesus' Second Coming.
    Francisca became an Adventist due to Arthur's efforts.